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The organization plans to provide educational programs in a culturally inclusive environment. The goal is to provide weekday schools, weekend and after school programs, after school homework helpers, camping and hiking for the youths during Summer, a playground and basketball court for the community use, mentoring services for the youths especially at risk youths as a way of keeping them of the streets, In-person English as a second language classes for newcomers of all diverse groups in partnership with other NGO's, computer literacy classes, ranging from teaching basic computer use to complete programming courses available to all interested age groups, part-time pre-kindergarten and pre-school activities for kids below the age of 5 etc.

The organization's aim for undertaking any and all programs and actions is to promote harmony and goodwill to benefit all humanity. We also intend to expand outreach and community services like feeding the homeless, adopt-a-highway, open houses, interfaith dialogues etc. The organization is planning to run a MONTHLY WELLNESS CLINIC at the ICOPS Premises open to all communities and ethnicity, in collaboration with community volunteer doctors and nurses and in partnership with other NGO's.. We have purchased a leased to own property located in Lynnwood, Washington State for $2.7million and have an outstanding payment of $2.1 million. We are seeking donations from generous community members to help pay-off the remaining amount by Feb 2022, so our organization can focus on providing these outstanding services.